2 de març de 2015

4 Applications /// 4 Convocatories /// 4 Convocatorias

4 Convocatories /// 4 Convocatorias /// 4 Applications

1) International Composition Masterclass – with and without electronics - with Richard Barrett and Schreck Ensemble/Bass Boxes. Chicago Project with ACM (Access Contemporary Music – Chicago). July 7th to 11th in Flix (Catalunya) – SIRGA FESTIVAL 2015 (2nd edition).

Application in: English – Català Castellano

2) Taller de Creación Acusmática y de Paisaje Sonoro a cargo del artista sonoro José Manuel Berenguer. Del 15 al 18 de julio del 2015 - Flix (Cataluña).

Application in: Català – Castellano

3) Call for electroacustic works with video - SIRGA FESTIVAL (Catalonia) and Alcôme collective (France).

Application in: English – Català Castellano

4) Showroom for Performers: Call for international performers of contemporary music, free jazz, live electronics with or without instruments, and improvised music to participate in the International Showroom for Performers. July 7th and 8th in Flix (Catalonia).

Application in: English Català Castellano