5 de febrer de 2014


SIRGA is an international music festival focused on sound experimentation and new musical creation that takes place inTerres de l'Ebre (Catalonia) in July, and encourages the dialogue among historical and cultural heritage, landscape and artistic creation.

SIRGA is based on three goals:

1 - To provide “Terres de l'Ebre” (South of Catalonia) with an international festival that stimulates our country through music.

2 - To spread out our creators and performers talent, within and beyond the Catalan borders.

3 - To encourage the creation of sound and music from around the world as an engine of progress and value for the individual and the society.

In order to achieve these goals, SIRGA becomes a cultural tool where ongoing dialogue between local and universal crystallize in a program focused on the knowledge of our creative heritage, in its diffusion, the exploration of national and contemporary creation and the permanent exchange of new ideas with artists from around the world.

Contemporary instrumental music, free-jazz, electro and experimental music become the basis for a week of learning and performing, articulated in different emblematic corners and landscapes in the TERRES DE l'EBRE.

Aina Vega
Joan Bagés
Araceli Rubi
Enric Riu
Jordi Gibert
Angels Guillén

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